Jouni Kainulainen

Associate Professor

Head of Astronomy and Plasma Physics division

Space, Earth and Environment department

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

I am a professional scientist -- an astronomer -- and an enthusiastic academic writer.

My research field is star formation and interstellar medium. I study how news stars in the Milky Way come to be and why Milky Way forms stars in the way it does. I focus on Galactic-scale observational data, internal structure of star-forming gas, star formation models and laws, and astrophysical turbulence.

My research is/has been funded primarily through the European Research Council, German Science Foundation, Chalmers University of Technology, Max Planck institute for Astronomy, Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsr├ądet), and Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA).

Find here my publications in ADS (citation ordered).


The PROMISE Galactic plane survey project started with an ERC starting grant (2016-2021). It aims at mapping thousands of young star-forming clouds in the Galactic plane and studying the earliest phases of star formation. It also aims at understanding the intenal physics of these clouds and how stars form in them.

The PROMISE project pages provide an overview of the project, its results, and the resulting data.


One of my passions is writing. I love using writing as a tool to increase understanding and to facilitate academic projects, careers, and people.

AcademicResonance is a collaboration through which we help academics to find their optimal ways of working. We also offer writing services to help with applications, publications, and other academic/scientific texts.